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Green Scheme & The Environment

At Green Scheme we are also serious about reducing our environmental impact so, inspired by our children who are taught at school to REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE, here is what we do:

Reduced peat compost
Cardboard packaging
Plastic packaging bags
Compost bags
Spent compost
Plastic plant pots
Spent plants / prunings
Old fibre-glass containers
Office paper waste

Now that the compost producers realise that there is money to be made they are getting their act together on reduced peat, coir based composts suitable for base reservoir watered plants.

Shredded paper is the perfect ingredient to mix with lawn clippings to make them both rot down well in our garden compost heap.

We think www.ilovefreegle.org   is a great site for pairing up one person’s waste with another person’s need.